Register for the 2024 Outdoor Soccer Season 

Registration is Feb 1-Feb 29.

Come play community soccer this Spring in Queen Alexandra and Allendale.

Outdoor soccer is an affordable fun way for your child to meet other

children in your community. Outdoor Soccer begins the 1st week of May

(weather permitting) and ends late June, except for teams proceeding

to post season play (U11-U19) who may play into the second or third

weeks of July. Please keep this in mind so you don't leave your team

during cities/playoffs!

U5 are born in 2019/2020 Cost is $100 they play SAT MORNING

U7 children are born in 2017/2018 Cost is $110 they play MON/WED

U9 children are born in 2015/2016 Cost is $190 they play TUES/THURS

U11 children are born in 2013/2014 Cost is $190 they play MON/WED

U13 children are born in 2011/2012 Cost is $240 they play SUN/TUES

U15 children are born in 2009/2010 Cost is $250 they play MON/THURS

U17 children are born in 2007/2008 Cost is $265 they play TBD

U19 young adults are born in 2005/2006 Cost is $265 they play TBD

Outdoor Soccer Registration starts February 1st and ends February

29th. Registration must be done on the SWEMSA website

( Create a family portal and get yourself

registered as a coach if you are willing and able! This guarantees

more teams for kids because we cannot form teams without coaches.

Payment is done online via Credit Card or via Funding (Kids Sport or Jump Start)

Upload or Email the supporting documents to

The following supporting documents must be included:

--Player Registration Summary

--Copy of Alberta Health Care card or other document showing the

player(s) date of birth

--Copy of 2022/23 community league membership card from home community league

-- Copy of parent ID card or utility bill with the address matching

details on the Player Registration summary

You must be a Community League member to play community soccer because

they subsidize a lot of the costs. Memberships can be purchased

through the EFCL website at or

keep it in the league here

Our community soccer program is completely run by parent volunteers,

so I invite all families to pitch in and help make the upcoming

whirlwind season amazing! We can only have teams if we have coaches,

so please reach out if you think you are interested in coaching. It is

very rewarding. There are countless other ways to help as well,

including managing a team, organizing equipment, and helping out at

the season wrap-up party.